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Novel Married to a Venom (snake) Episode 1

 Married to a Venom (snake)


Hi, my name is Nkosiyezwe Ngqothi,I'm 35 years of age I have a son named Sihle,I'm married to Engrid Browns as a second wife after I lost my first wife Nombulelo (mother of my son) 4 years back through a car accident

It's been 3years now,my Son is studying a course of nursing.we are located at Joburg at Sandton city

Episode 1

its been 4years now,Engrid & i, we've been trying to have babies but still, even today we have no son neither a daughter

This whole situation uses to stress me a lot, I sometimes sit down and ask myself why?what is really happening in God's earth?am I the one having a problem or is it my wife?I had no answers for all those questions

But,the day came,where I decided to ask my wife on how about we consult a doctor  and find out who has a problem & what is it?

“its fine baby, I think that is the only way we have,we really need to consult a doctor. Let's make it the first thing tomorrow morning” she said.the night became Soo long to the point where Nombulelo visit me on my dream. Oh my dear wife,you should've seen her wearing a black dress with white wages👡her face wasn't visible but I could tell,that that was Nombulelo wearing her favourite clothes


Just as I was about to open my mouth (say any word) on the dream.i my alarm started ringing ,I opened my eyes ,I realised that I was dreaming.my first time dreaming Nombulelo since she was gone💔& I knew that that dream has a meaning...

Episode 2

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